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    Target pests: 

     1、Acaricide:Has special effects on the control of mites, rust and other mites.

     2、Insecticide:Has obvious control effects on various pests such as red spider, scale insect, whitefly, leafhopper, thrips, hibiscus, whitefly, aphid, leaf miner and blind mites.

     3、Fungicide:Can effectively inhibit or eliminate diseases such as powdery mildew and coal pollution

     4、Enlighten fruit:Remove fruit moss, coal pollution, increase fruit brightness, and improve economy


    1、Super asphyxiating effect:The oil film covers the insect stomata and kills eggs, larvae and mosquitoes of various pests by suffocation.

    2、Block cell metabolism:Oil molecules penetrate into insects, eggs and pathogens, impeding cell metabolism

    3、Change insect behavior:Oil film changes insect crawling, feeding, mating, spawning, etc., to achieve control of pest development

    4、Crop prevention and protection:Oil film covers the surface of crop fruits, hindering the infiltration of pathogens and spawning insects 

    Application methods

    1、Field clearance:In winter, sprayafter diluted 200-400 times;  In spring,  spray after diluted 300-500 times

    2、Insecticide: Interval time is 15~30 days. Spray after diluted 200~300 times.

    3、Prevention: Spray after diluted 300-400 times


    1、If mixed with other pesticides, the mineral oil shall added behind and stirred evenly.

    2、Experimental application in small area shall be done first to ensure the safety and prevention effect.

    3、For details, please feel free to call us.

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